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The Copy Chick, post: 147547 wrote:
Some of the disadvantages of buying online are:

  • consumers not being ableto touch/feel products
  • colours are not accurately represented on a computer monitor
  • sizes may not be what was expected (I found this out the hard way when I bought a light fitting for my loungeroom from an online retailer)
  • it may be difficult to obtain adequate customer service
  • if buying from overseas, you may not have recourse should the retailer screw you over
  • consumers most likey have to pay delivery on top of purchase price
  • downloads aside, there can be considerable wait time for products to arrive


Now we are talking! This is the first step! It is to list out the key advantages/differentiators for B&M out side of price point. As it seems many discussions on B&M and online is solely based on price.

Last month I bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. I did my research and found the cheapest online price was $75 dollars(inclusive of delivery) less than what was offered at AllPhones. Now, my problem then was I had to put in huge amount of effort to find prices from B&M stores! My problem is not knowing how much more am I paying to buy locally. I endded up buy from AllPhones as I don’t want to wait and I know I can always go back. I will pay $75 more for this but I don’t like the effort I need to go through to find the prices from B&M Store.