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Great thread,

Personally, and it is a personal subjective comment, i find both B&M and Online have a need in the market. There are still some traditionalists that wish to see and feel a product (as previously mentioned) and to experience service as opposed to price.

We run both, predominately online although offering a collection service from a B&M (warehouse with showroom) which we find backs up our legitimacy of being a REAL BUSINESS that some people struggle with when buying goods online. As we sell furniture, there are many needs for those buying to come and ensure something is the right colour, fabric, size etc etc. And in this space we find that if we did not have the B&M as a backup, that we would lose many sales of those wanting to ensure we are a business. Its hard to explain, although we get numerous calls into the office of people asking if we have a showroom etc although they dont venture in, although they do buy…

In fact, we are currently considering a retail outlet in a main street location to maximise our exposure even further.. not 100% sold on it yet due to costs etc, although is currently being explored.

I know i have run off a little,,,, although i do say B&M is not dead…Combining the current economic climate along with the demographics of our audience (age varies from first home owners 18+ through to early 60’s) we need to cover each persons buying comfort levels.

Another point we find is that in our specific industry, many people also wish to come to us for ‘opinions’ as well which is rather difficult to provide over the phone.

Hope this provided some input, although not sure…


ps.. still reading this thread.. so much valuable input..

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