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Personally I think that who is suffering more from the internet shopping trend is the big chain, and the small B&M shop is going to be the winner.

Think about it… A large shop is organised like a web site. You have different categories of products to browse (eg. Baby section, bedding, toys, outdoors, etc.) and you have virtually zero contact with the staff. The difference is that a B&M store, even the largest one, will never be able to compete with prices and ranges you can find online. Also the cost of fuel, time in the traffic, parking, etc is almost always more than the shipping costs you’d be charged shopping on line, in your house. And when you had a long day at work, it is such a more appealing option to buy things from home, maybe after dinner having a cold one!

The B&M shop that will survive is the one offering services you cannot have online. The small manicure shop, the outdoor shop with competent staff ensuring the best fitting for your hiking shoes or backpack, the farmer’s shop selling their own made products, the market stall making temporary tattoos, the hairdressers, the art galleries, etc.