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Divert To Mobile, post: 147733 wrote:
My friends who own B&M have expressed the following frustration.

A customer who comes in and spends 30 – 45 min on consultation with the sales staff to deterimine what is the best product solution for their situation, then goes online to price it and then calls back asking for a price match or to beat the online shop.

This attitude is hurting B&M

SteveI understand the frustration from business owners, but I think this has been happening even before online make it even easier.

I know when shopping for a particular product that is sold in many places, I have always gone to look at it in a store, then call around other stores to see if I can get a better price. I did this before in the internet.

If I can find the exact some product somewhere cheaper, then I will be buying the cheaper product. This is Harvey Norman’s gripe. They think we should pay a premium for no reason other than keeping their fat profit margins. That type of retail is slowly dying, and it’s the number one reason why online stores have been able to lure shoppers away.

As it’s been mentioned before, if shopkeepers are selling the same products 50% more expensive than someone else, unless they give the shopper a really good reason to buy from them they will find the going hard.

Some examples:

1. Crumpler. The bag store has the same prices online and offline. They don’t allow other retailers to discount their products. They don’t care where you buy because the price is always the same.

2. Apple. Same with Apple, although many retailer sell their products, the price will only vary by a very small amount. So they too don’t care where you buy it as they make their cash.

In both these stores the customer service is amazing and the product is high quality.