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Steve’s comment on this post really caught my attention. Below are some of the points:

  • Doing online business is very competitive as you don’t have any distinctions between you and the next best alternatives. Hence, it most likely result in a price war which is not good for anyone (except the buyers).
    Perhaps a B&M bolt on to an online store would help give your online store an edge over the other online only setup vise versa. This was sort of what Jason had hinted in his earlier post.

    The next question here is about the pricing between your online and your B&M store? Do you price it to be competitive for online or for B&M? Mathew’s example of a single price model is interesting and this is also reflected in the Birdsnest store that Steve has reference.

  • Overheads and risks of running online business are not mentioned widely.
    Perhaps this overheads are indeed too high for B&M store owners. The experience and know how to run a successful online business does not come easy. Hence, for B&M retailers to move towards a prdominently online setup is a major gear shift with steep learning curve.

    Is an online product listing setup without ecommerce selling all is required for existing B&M store in the 21st century?