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Taking from Jenny and Solly’s comments. Existing B&M retailers should also:

  • Focus on their point of difference – Quality Customer Service
  • Find/setup Online/Mobile presence for their store to drive people to their stop.

This certainly sounds like a less daunting tasks then to drop what you know and plunge into an full fledge online business foregoing the advantage of B&M.

From all our valuable comments this far it seems, even the most successful online business requires a B&M presence to have a point of distinction in the online world.

There are many options for online/mobile presence these days. Hence, it is not necessary as a start to go into full fledge development of your website/ecommerce…etc. You can leverage off existing companies like eBay, Gumtree and many more for your initial online presence with focus on giving your business more exposure in the online world.