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Hello Edgar

And welcome to the flying solo community, I am sure you will benefit from the interaction

Firstly congrats on the growth you have achieved in the very few years you have been operating, though at this point you may be finding that working capital is more critical to meet your growing payroll, as 20 staff would not come cheap.

That said what I would be looking at growing is the maintenance division within your company, look at things like emergency lighting testing ( a good point would be to join for some alliances with strata managers, fire control company’s, )other areas is equipment tagging this will allow regular fixed income to assist with cash-flow

What I also find in your industry is the wide gap from one project to another with regards to profit margins. Large jobs are not always as profitable and tend to carry a greater risk of non payment as you tend to be contracted by a head contractor etc

What state are you based in?
What is the technical/skill mix level of your team eg Licensed, Trainees
What is the capacity of team on a daily basis, for example if on a large site time vs what you earn, can you make more via 4 smaller jobs a day ( as ability to charge 4 lots of service calls)
Do you wish to specialize in one area or become a total solution
Eg add a Repair/service for Whitegoods/new installations etc
Who is your ideal customer

A tip for growth is make sure you create system that allow the process to be streamlined and allows the same level of skill/service no matter which team member performs the work

All the best for the future, I am sure we will be reading about you up coming BRW of fast starters