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akagrp, post: 147501 wrote:
What state are you based in?
What is the technical/skill mix level of your team eg Licensed, Trainees
What is the capacity of team on a daily basis, for example if on a large site time vs what you earn, can you make more via 4 smaller jobs a day ( as ability to charge 4 lots of service calls)
Do you wish to specialize in one area or become a total solution
Eg add a Repair/service for Whitegoods/new installations etc
Who is your ideal customer

A tip for growth is make sure you create system that allow the process to be streamlined and allows the same level of skill/service no matter which team member performs the work

Thankyou for the welcome and responses everyone,

We are based in WA and mainly work on communications contracts (NBN Related), with a small team working on electrical works.

The unique problem I have is there is as much work as I want, the more team members I can get the more work I can get done.

We need more working capital that is for sure if we want to grow quickly, so to do that i need to pitch a good case to the bank.

Although we have been going for a few years the first 2 weren’t that great on paper though we continued to grow. We were going alright all of last year and then a builder i worked for went bankrupt leaving me without a very large amount of money. Since that point our focus has mainly been on building our comms work in which we know the money is in the bank and there is an unlimitied amount of work for many years.

The other issue is working out the changes I need to make to the structure of the company to allow the growth to be seamless (i know it never will be, but maybe).

I haven’t had any business loans before, its purely been our own investment, Am i even wasting my time going to a bank with poor financials except for the last few months?.