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Hello Edgar

Agree with agent mail if you have yet to speak to a business advisor you have reached that time.

Though you may feel the financials are not that crash hot for the bank a good advisor may be able to present them in a better light and associate a story to the condition of trading

The fact that your contracts are based around the NBN rollout should also give confidence to the bank manager

Depending on where you require the working capital, you may be able to package a variety of different lending that will appeal to a lender

Eg equipment finance, debtor finance, overdraft, term loan

With regards to structured are you currently trading as a Pty Ltd?
Have you reached the point that you would be happy to give part of the equity to an investor?

If so what would the ideal investor be, eg Money plus operational experience or simply cash only (silent partner let’s you attend to everyday operations)

Feel free to to ask questions of the group

Please note above is general and niot intended to replace seeking professional advise