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The Copy Chick
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Nice one Nicole!! :)

I think you’re on the right track. Break your quote down into the individual components: research, sample pages (if you’re going to do that), first draft, first draft revisions, second draft, second draft revisions, etc.

Also include a timefame which outlines when you anticipate to start/complete each portion of the project (subject, of course, to them returning the copy with feedback by the agreed dates).

If you need to work outside your usual hours to meet their deadline, definitely include a rush fee, or “premium service” fee of some type.

I think the more detail you can give, and the more you can break it down, the better.

It’s also worth breaking the project into distinct phases for progress payments. Depending on the final price maybe 4 x 25% (deposit, completion of research phase, completion of first draft, final payment) or if it’s a 3 week job, maybe 3 weekly payments of X amount.

Hope that helps and good luck!!

A :)