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PRO, post: 147661 wrote:
This is only general information and not legal advice, which you need to get. You should also get some decent word document subcontractor contracts done up so that you are covered. Also be very conscious that the ATO is right into building contractors and subbies over personal services income breaches at present.

All good advice, but be very careful about employing on an ABN … not just the ATO and the 82:20 rule.

Fairwork Australia is having a red hot go lately (especially if you have anyone on an ABN), I’ve had two clients audited in the last few months, one is fighting a 30K bill and already has a huge legal bill. The other laid off most of his crew and has gone underground in the villa market.

Pretty tough market at the moment, a bit of youthful energy should manage it OK, good luck with it.