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How exciting for you guys !!

My advice would be:

1. Remain standing as much as you can. I know your feet probably won’t like it, but it’s a much more inviting position for communicating.

2. Make eye contact with people walking past, even if it’s only fleeting.

3. Keep a small smile on your face. If you start with a big cheesy it’s not going to last all day and then you’ll just look sad lol. You can always break out the big smile naturally during conversation.

4. Never make the assumption that someone is not a potential customer. I remember the story of an obstetrician who spent two hours at the Pregnancy Birth and Children’s Expo without receiving so much as a glance…just because he was male and over 40 people assumed he wasn’t their target market. What a waste !!

5. Enjoy. They really can be fun, especially getting to know your neighbouring stands.

Wendy :)