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Hi Jayne,

Good luck for your expo! How exciting!

Don’t forget to take photos – a simple tip but you can get so busy, packing up, chatting to people etc that it slips the mind. Maybe other exhibits or ideas that you like.

I always pack an “emergency” trade box for an expo. Basically a mini stationary pack with a few extras. Saves frustration, time and money when you are at expo.

Things to pack: Gaffer tape, packing tape, velcro tape and dots, bluetac, mini stapler, scissors, spare pens, black marker, paper clips, bulldog clips, safety pins, push pins, rubber bands, mini first aid kit with Panadol, tissues, hand wipes, spare batteries, extension cord & powerboard (tested & tagged). All in a plastic storage tub, and ready to go for each exhibition.

Happy exhibiting!