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Hi everyone,

We are just about to embark on the third and final day of the show, and so far it has been awesome for us. An extremely good decision, despite all the hard work and expense.

Thanks again for all your suggestions – they have proven extraordinarily helpful.

Couple It, post: 147558 wrote:
Keep a small smile on your face. If you start with a big cheesy it’s not going to last all day and then you’ll just look sad lol. You can always break out the big smile naturally during conversation.

Wendy, I am having SO much fun, and am so excited to be here that I am having trouble keeping the smile OFF my face! I’ve even had a couple of other stall holders come and say “Can I have some of what you’re selling? You look so happy” :D

TheGoldenGoose, post: 147568 wrote:
Don’t be a little mouse and sit in your stall on your iphone.

Thanks Leah, that was a great tip, and thanks to you we banned phones from the stand. Very, very good idea :)

MatthewKeath, post: 147575 wrote:
Also, allow people to sign up to your newsletter via iPad. I saw a stand doing that at the last one I was at and they were getting 100’s. Oh, they had an awesome competition as well!

WhatsThePlanDan, post: 147771 wrote:
And of course this can also save you a bucketload of data entry later! ;)

We’ve had heaps of entries in our competitions, so with one day still to go, I am already staring down the barrel of a healthy chunk of data entry time. The iPad will definitely be coming with us next time. Thanks Matt and Dan for suggesting this!

geegee, post: 147599 wrote:
Take lots of munchies to keep your energy levels up. Especially healthy ones like fruit and nut trail mix.

geegee, we would have forgotten this, and we really needed the snacks, so thank you. Blueberries have proven to be the snack of choice – sweet and juicy, but not destined to give you a sugar rush (and subsequent slump), and small enough to eat quickly and without making a mess. Yummy too!

michnichols, post: 147747 wrote:
Don’t forget to take photos – a simple tip but you can get so busy, packing up, chatting to people etc that it slips the mind. Maybe other exhibits or ideas that you like.

John Romaine, post: 147781 wrote:
Shoot videos.

Being at the expo is great exposure and helps build credibility. Let people interact with your product, do short interviews if possible. Talk about your experiences. Use any positive feedback and capture it all on video.

Put those videos on your site and leverage the hell out of it.

Michelle and John, I’m so glad you mentioned this. We have been so busy that we would have forgotten to take photos, and we certainly wouldn’t have taken videos. We’ll organise both of those today, and I am extremely grateful that you mentioned this. Bless your hearts!

michnichols, post: 147747 wrote:
I always pack an “emergency” trade box for an expo. Basically a mini stationary pack with a few extras. Saves frustration, time and money when you are at expo.

Things to pack: Gaffer tape, packing tape, velcro tape and dots, bluetac, mini stapler, scissors, spare pens, black marker, paper clips, bulldog clips, safety pins, push pins, rubber bands, mini first aid kit with Panadol, tissues, hand wipes, spare batteries, extension cord & powerboard (tested & tagged). All in a plastic storage tub, and ready to go for each exhibition.

Happy exhibiting!


Cat – GLC, post: 147858 wrote:
Throat lollies!

I lost my voice after 2 days of talking non-stop.

Michelle, I did have an emergency kit packed, but your list was much more comprehensive and I was able to add some extra things to my box thanks to your help. I’ve also learned that you can never have too many velcro dots.

Cat, I’m with you on the throat lozenges. Those will now be a staple in my emergency kit!

kathiemt, post: 147758 wrote:
Have fun with the trade show. Make sure you have your essences on display by smell. Are you able to promote the fragrance in any way? Like when you can smell incense burning? That will draw people to you.

Oh, and love your website too. Did you do it?

Thanks Kathie :) Ours are the kind of essences that you take, rather than essential oils that you smell, but we have been giving people samples, and it is working a treat!

(And thanks for your feedback on our site! A friend built it for us, using graphic design from the same lady that created our packaging).

Divert To Mobile, post: 147817 wrote:
Keep a few bottles of water stashed under the table.

Don’t let negativity get you down, although at a health body soul expo i think the crowd wont include many nasties.

Thanks Steve, we encountered any negativity at all thankfully. And you are right about the water… we ran out on the first day, and that won’t be happening again!

Cat – GLC, post: 147858 wrote:
Have a great time and I might just pop in and say g’day

That would be awesome Cat! If you’re around today I would love to meet you in person!

Thanks again everyone. I’ll be back on deck next week, and will give you another update then. Enjoy your sunday!