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Dear all, I’ve read lots of press about facebook graphs and have yet to be convinced of anything!
My view (at this stage) is that it is one of those things that just will not get wide usage or application and is far from being the google killer I’ve seen touted elsewhere.
As much as I hate a monopoly, I have seen google’s stranglehold of the search market progressively tighten in recent years and see nothing yet to change this.
For some years I’ve been reading of Bing gaining ground on Google and yet where I sit, the reverse is true and as much as I hate to say this, yes, Google’s results for most searches are generally better than Bings.
Talking facebook and the new “graphs”, I have a mate who a few months back had a mobile phone app that would find all the horny single women within five kms of where he positioned himself on his mobile phone. The app would access facebook and find all the single women on facebook and throw up their profile images.
He’d then scroll through them, look at their details if he liked them and then ask them out on a date if he felt up to it.
In ten minutes, he’d line up three or four.
BUT, when he wanted to search for a random thing, he always used google!
All the best