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Hi there , I think you have chosen one of the easiest possible start up businesses going. Low start up costs, low experience required. no property leases required, relatively clean work etc Here in Perth they start and close regularly, but most seem to fail. There are some pressure cleaning businesses out there doing very well, but it wont be about the work, that will be easy part. The challenge will be to get your share of the available work at a price that you consider is ok for you, to give you the return you want.
Just try looking online on Gumtree in your area, you will always find complete setups going much cheaper than the purchase price. usually with these words attached … ” has done very little work, I am now moving on to other business interests ” read into that what u will .Some sell very cheaply usually not as an ongoing concern. Ive gone down this track myself and decided it wasnt for me. That doesnt mean you cant/wont make it a winner for yourself though. If you online to Youtube and you will find heaps of videos that also give you lots of information on how to do the job, along with all the necessary tips you need to do a good job.
I like your grouting and tiling concept as the demand will be higher as often tradies arent interested in doing this type of work. Its tough work too, and many householders will complain they cant get poeple to come and do it. this creates more of an opportunity than a simple pressure leaning business in my opinion.
Im not wanting to put you off, do what you feel is right for you mate and you can be a success.