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Hey there,

Before you jump the gun and open the doors I would spend some time mapping out your next steps. Some of the questions that pop into my mind:

– Do you have a business plan?
– Have you created your financial forecasts and do you understand the financial aspects of this new venture?
– How will you source your first customers – do you have a sales and marketing strategy worked out?

I would not recommend starting any business without the above being complete.

In terms if your structure, if you are going to work with your wife a partnership may be more suitable than sole trader, just bear in mind the tax implications on both of you.

In terms of GST – I would not run any business without registering for this. I know that you don’t need to be registered until you earn over a$75k, but I would do it even if it is just to get into the habit of record keeping and filling out BAS statements.

Any questions, feel free to email me!

Good luck,