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Hello Lila

I would also suggest visiting Nsw Food Authority to make sure you do of labeling requirements http://www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/consumers/food-labels/labelling-and-the-law/legal-requirements/#.UPZs7Cesh8E

With regards to Kitchen make sure that where you go meets Commercial Kitchen Regulations, if based in Sydney there are places you can rent on a need by basis

With regards to your tax obligations, you will need to obtain an ABN and if you believe your Sales for a 12 month period will be greater then $75,000 you will be required to register for GST, can can still register for GST if you are below the $75,000

I would also consider trademark registrations if you planned to build the brand and possibly consider selling the packaged food via Local Deli’s and Health Shops

Best of luck with it, keep us posted