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You must remember that at the end of the day it is not a replacement for your desktop machine but primarily a PHONE! Call Quality is CRITICAL. Both mentioned phones will be able to do most of what you want, but really how many files are you going to be carrying around with you on your phone. Do you realy want to be sitting at your smart phone and trying to type Word & Excel documents for long periods of time or are you better off getting a phone that works and investing in a small Tablet or Surface machine with internet access.

I have had a Blackberry for 7 years now and it has servered me well. I have been able to Sync it to my Microsoft Server and PC but now I want to sync my contacts and calendar without syncing to the PC, Yes there is Blackberry Enterprise Express Server but it has too many registry tweaks and settings for a single user), so I’m going to be upgrading to the Samsung Windows 8 phone when it is released.

If you are using a simple POP email account then yes you will need to connect your phone to your PC to sync with Outlook, but if you are using Exchange online or have your own Exchange Server then Android will Sync everything via ActiveSync and a Windows 8 Phone will do it via Exchange interface. But document sharing without Dropbox will be the issue and will take up the memory space as well as your download limits.

Good Luck with your New Business venture and you should go introduce yourself and tell us a bit about what your busienss will be doing.

Hope this Helps.