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I adopted the Microsoft platform recently and I have a Nokia 920.

The phone so far does exactly what one would expect and at 32Gb (minus the os etc.) has plenty of space. Call quality is fine as is battery life. The camera is exceptionally good. Haven’t tried the wifi hotspot.

The MS world is still in its infancy, but seems to be holding up pretty well so far. Word, excel, and so on are all usable, although editing is not brilliant on the small screen. Worthy of note here is that Office for Mac will be available on iPhone/iPad within a few months.

I’ve moved all of my contacts etc., to SkyDrive and do all email from there too via outlook.com, so sorry to say, I can’t tell you about Outlook integration on the desktop. If you use Skydrive, you get 7Gb for free, or 25Gb for another $10 per year, providing a solid alternative to Dropbox.