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I would go for Applie Iphone and purely for the fact they take the least downtime for the phone being faulty. I had my phone dropped in water and not only they replaced it for free instead of charging me $250, but also replace in half hour.

I have setup outlook to synchorinise using Apple Icloud my calendar and contacts and run skype and view excel and pdf document and dropbox.

If you really want to use word and so on and excel for edit then it’s best to get a tablet cause of the bigger screen.

My friend owns a phone company and he says that Samsung turn around repair time is up to 3 weeks for their phones and for Nokia it is more harder and takes longer.

Anyway I hope I have helped.

Hector, post: 147668 wrote:
Hi Guys and Girls,

I need to buy a phone for my business startup that it is going to work well and reliably for several years and would appreciate some feedback and advice. Being a Blackberry user for the last 8 years who feels it is time for a change I am a little lost with the alternative options.

I will need the phone to do the following: Interface well with outlook contacts and calender, accept outlook meeting requests and transfer them to my PC during sync, run skype, view excel, pdf and word documents, easily save files to the file structure, run dropbox, easily attach documents to emails, create a wifi hotspot for my ipad, good camera, good phone and come with a cable headset.

I have been talking to the retailers today and they have recommended the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia 920. Both options seem quite expensive and if this is the way I go I want to be sure I made the right decision. The Nokia phone and windows platform is still new and I am not convinced it is proven. I wonder how good the Samsung is for business and if there is enough memory in the drive to load a few applications.

As you can appreciate in a Startup scenario where it may be a few months before I send out my first invoice, I want to spend money wisely.