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Teena Hughes
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Hi there Aburto90,

Thanks so much for your kind words, we’d love to meet you – and congratulations on finishing your studying, woohoo!

Thank you too for asking about bringing your one year old son with you – it’s a tough call because I’d love for you to come along, but I think that it’s best if you find a fun group to leave him with while you focus on your business. Please don’t be offended, I’m sure he’s a delightful little boy.

I think you may find it easier to focus totally on your business when you meet with us.

I have heard of “mumpreneur” groups where mothers with children meet for coffee – I wonder if there are any anywhere close to you? Perhaps you could try searching for :

  • business networking for mothers with children in melbourne victoria

I just found one group called:

  • moms.meetup.com/cities/au/melbourne/

Better still, why not start a post in this Forum looking for business Mums (with children) who might like to meet?

That’d be fantastic! You could start your own little FlyingSolo meet-up group :-)

In the meantime, we’d love it if you manage to find a babysitter and come along and meet us for a friendly chat in St Kilda one Wednesday.

Have a gorgeous day, Aburto90,

Aburto90, post: 147708 wrote:
I’ve been watching your meet up schedule for a few months now, you guys are the closest meet up to me, as far as I can tell (I’m out in Wallan, north of Craigieburn) but as I was studying I wanted to finish that before I got distracted by fun things such as networking. But now I’m done I was wondering, if I had my one year old son with me would that be to distracting / inappropriate /an imposition on you lovely people who already meet?