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estim8’s got the idea. Outsource what you can and admin is definitely one of those things. That’s what Virtual Assistants are for ;)

Love your site. Not looked at it before. You’ve got a great looking site and business and congratulations on keeping so busy. You don’t want people thinking you’re so busy that you can’t fit them in. That’s fine for the short-term but not long-term. And you don’t want to give people the impression you are too busy. I’ve had potential clients go to someone else because they always thought I was too busy and I have no idea how they got that idea in the first place. Something I was doing or saying conveyed that. Lost potential there.

You want to be able to pick and choose. Outsource what you can so you can do the parts you want/need to do and maintain the workflow. And in outsourcing you won’t have the commitment that’s involved in having an employee. You just use those other services when you need to. I have a team of VAs that I work with these days – and that grew out of being too busy in my second year of business, I needed to find a way to outsource the work without losing the clients.

Congrats on what is happening with your business.