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The Copy Chick, post: 147911 wrote:
I’m also happy to add a bit about what their options are if they have a genuine rush job.

I hope this will help educate prospective clients to the potential time-frames and have them reconsider how “urgent” their job is (it’s amazing how many of these jobs end up weeks, sometimes months, over their initial deadline because “circumstances have changed”), and to be more open to booking work in at a later date.

This has been an ongoing theme for me … everybody thinks their job is urgent, often it’s not.

Often they’re just shooting from the hip, when you push them for the info “they” have, that “you” need, they go to ground, preferring a timeline that fits with “their” schedule.

Human nature I guess.

It’s why I don’t automatically say I’m too busy, but sus them out a bit. Experience has taught me that often I can say yes, knowing full well they’re not ready for any deadline at their end, just being impatient for a result.

I’m often submitting stuff (for clients) for tenders that have strict deadlines, even down to the hour of the day on the close date. If you miss them, all the work (often days), let alone the work opportunity, is wasted. So I know what a deadline is, and how to get there …often the client doesn’t.

No bullet proof solution IMHO, but lots of practise helps.