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Hi Paul

Glad you found a solution..

With banking, i tend to find it depends on how the information is presented more so than which bank.. i say this as almost all banks have the same offerings with a few lil variables chucked in to confuse us through the process…

We used to use the NAB and had a great relationship with the business manager, although the NAB then changed their business objectives and this appeared to remove how responsive the BM became.. Then we spoke to another institution who appeared to have developed a greater appetite for our business model and has been very accommodating to boot…

Let me revisit the comment about how the information is presented.. i say this as i found working through the myriad of options available with each bank (be it pillar bank or smaller) was complex, being bounced from one department to another, being offered something you thought was appropriate and then once read it it was totally incorrect… You appear to have a road map of what you need already which would have assisted, so well done..

One thing to consider is.. banks really work on relationships, whether you see it or not, so you would normally find it a little more advantageous to use the bank you already use personally. I only say this because as your business grows it can help that the bank already knows your personal records and history… Some would disagree with this, although i personally have found this a huge win…

One other comment,,,, make sure the institution you have chosen has the facilities that can accommodate your future plans.. whatever they may be, understand who there business bankers are, who would be the best contact point and why.. all this will help working through the relationship…

Good luck

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