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There are more choices these days than you can poke a stick at:

Bank hosted e.g ANZ eGate

Merchant hosted: I.e. Where you facilitate the transaction.

3rd party merchant facilities: e.g. eway, PayPal.

Each come with there + and – which at 3am is a tad early to get into (http://www.austrac.gov.au) but in your case if you do not process lots of credit card transactions my suggestion would be to create a PayPal account.There are 0 monthly fees to worry about however the downside is that trying to sort any dispute resolutions is just painful.

If, however you think you would process lots of transactions then my suggestion would be to use a bank hosted merchant facility. I use ANZ egate it costs 0 to set up, monthly fees are around $30 per month. It pretty much reduces the chances of rogue transactions to zero as there is a second level of security e.g, Verified by Visa. But they will charge you $250 for the pleasure of closing the facility down. I’m fairly confident that all the banks would offer something similar.

Do your research and see what suits your business.