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I had a similar issue trying to receive a refund for a product that we never received, I’m located in the inner west of Sydney and the business was from Chatswood.

They would never answer the phone, never reply to an email, even came to the point other customers were threatening to sue them over the company page on facebook.

I did one better, I pulled an ASIC extract from https://creditorwatch.com.au, found everything single detail I needed, contact numbers, home addresses, who owns what part of the company, have they ever defaulted on loans, liquidations, related companies.

Everything I needed, so I called them up, finally answered, I asked nicely who manages the finances there, told me some other guy, I asked if the guy was blahblah, and he lives here? So on, so on, in the end, we received the refund the next day, after 3 week wait.