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My interest in this is mainly on the coding side, and this is my take from what I read … happy to take criticism if I’m on the wrong track.

Keep content and visual design separate (coded separately), use CSS not tables for positioning.

Document semantics are important, for eg. Title, followed by h1 tags, then downwards with logical sub headings h2, h3, etc. I often see in sites using a CMS (read WYSIWYG) h1, and other tags being used as design elements (size) rather than logical headings, gotta be confusing for text based crawlers.

Metatags … I wont get into an argument about which ones to use, but they need to be unique to the page or document in question. Again, I’ve used CMS’s where this is problematic, especially generating “description” tags.

HTML5 is offering more tags to clarify what’s actually going on in the document structure