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NickMorris, post: 148025 wrote:
I’ve used the word ‘could’ because the more information the better but most businesses, especially small businesses, will be limited by their budgets so an SEO report will likely only focus on a smaller number of aspects.
Hi Nick,
I’m 100% with you on this!

Rule 1 of SEO: Never go over the client’s budget.

Getting the client the “biggest bang for their SEO buck” is the primary obligation and it requires a lot of experience and research.

To me, research is the keystone.

As Aidan said, can the SEs “crawl” the site is the first research point and, are there duplicate content issues would be my #2 question?

I’m sure you are as amazed as me at how frequently these issues crop up as problems in small business websites.

I’ll side-step research into specific search words for the moment.

Research into the level of competition for the client’s site would be my next most important research element.

This one goes directly to getting the best SEO bang for the client’s $.

The most time consuming and expensive aspect of SEO can be effective link building.

If you can identify strategies and SEO implementation options that attract potential clients without the need for this aspect of SEO, you will probably get the best value for your client.

Unfortunately, it seems to me there are a bunch of SEO services that make link building the core of what they offer. These are the ones who then complain when Google implements algo changes to wipe out their link building activities. (IMHO)

My experience is that there are many websites who can dramatically increase the volume of relevant SE referrals without using any expensive link building program.