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j.dawson, post: 147998 wrote:
hi all, is domestic cleaning biz only for ladies. Would a 20 something year old male look ridiculous owning and operating this domestic cleaning biz????
I’ve gotten feedback that has been quite negative.

Who ever is tell you that domestic cleaning is for the ladies, they dont know what domestic cleaning is ….thats how stupid they are.

I did domestic cleaning for almost twenty years. Most rewarding, very enjoyable, keeps you fit and is not expensive to buy your equipment.

Good quality Back pac vacuum cleaner, micro fibre cloths and a steam mop.
Now that going overboard. But I would recommend a good quality Backpac vacuum cleaner, with a 15m cord.

People want a good job done for a reasonable price.Someone Honest and reliable, also likes cats and dogs.
Avoid franchises, start from scratch advertising in you local newspaper and do a letter box drop in your local area.
Word of mouth will be your best form of advertising, so you have to build customers that rave about your cleaning and the fantastic service you provide.

You will learn how to develop good cleaning habits by doing a course Asset Maintenance Certificate 11 then 111. If your in Sydney the LENNOX INSTITUTE
is the best trainers you will find in the industry. This course is basically designed for contract cleaners and if you want to expand then you will need to have this Certificate. The Australian Contract Cleaners Alliance would be an association you could think about joining.

Getting the right qualifications is important. You will also need Insurance public & product liability, protects you, and you can pay by the month so it doesnt drain your cash flow.

Hope that gives you some positive feedback dont listen to negative people they are only jealous of your plans.
Do what YOU want to do, the others can do what they want