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Phillip P
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Hosting email in house price.

Server: $2000 on going maintenance 100/200 a year.
DB Server: $4000

Licensing on server: $19 a month per email address

Software on server email: $700
Software DB: $800
OS software: $1200

Internet ISP 1 = $99
Internet ISP 2 = $69

Router with BGP = $770 for an average one.

have i dont it all before??? Yes

Did i learn my lesson… Sure did.

Let me be honest with you dont waste your time and money just cause you may think its the better way.

If you want control of having your own stuff to manage colocation everything in a datacentre. Its safer as you cant get insurance without a BIG FAT premium if your doing it at home.

Other options come into 2013. I can fire up thousands of DB servers at a time with three clicks of the mouse. Have them talking to my Private LAN in about 10 mins with another two clicks of a button.

If the instance is having problems you can move it in under 1 hours to a new instance that cost you NOTHING in setup that took you 2 mins.

The cloud is amazing when you know how to use it.. Oh i mean the real cloud not the BS that marketing is using now for everything.

aws.amazon.com would be the cheapest check them out.

Rob13, post: 148024 wrote:
Thanks Brent,

Very helpful but I was looking more at hosting my email and file sharing on an in-house server/network then once the website is live, bolt-on a database facility.

Still in planning phase what you have said is helpful but I have also seen to register a pty ltd will cost c.$635 (including their fee to lodge the papers) though incorporator

Just trying to see what other people have done in their experience and shed some light on success and failures in the IT setup.