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Phillip P
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Hi mate,

I sold my hosting company with over 15 Racks at equinix datacentre here in mascot so i know a bit about it.

I do everything on the cloud now and its easier than you think.

You own you data and the the servers are very secure nobody has access as they are instances and your using certain resources etc.

I did need some convincing after selling my hosting company as i still had many of my business sites and partner sites making serious money and needed to be shown how it works.

I suggest you speak to Myles from http://www.netracom.net/ he is aussie based and really helped me decide what i needed to do. He can probably show it to you over skype how easy it is and give you platform to use.

He runs cloud for many large and gov organisations. He also was my head network engineer. email myles.agnew @ netracom.net remove spaces