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Phillip P, post: 148036 wrote:
You own you data and the the servers are very secure nobody has access as they are instances and your using certain resources etc.

As Phillip said, You own the data but it is your responsibility to maintain system updates, patches. The Hosting company provides you with the virtual machine and you do with it as you wish. If you find you need more resources, (IE: Cores, Memory, Storage) then the host increases it for you. The Host ensures up time, security to their network and performs their own backups, but you should MOST DEFINATELY perform your own file backups, as the host does system images and can not restore individual files. But if you load an application etc that creates a hole on you server, then only that server is at risk.

Once again you really have to look at what you are trying to achieve before deciding on the server configuration & location, you can purchase your own physical server and place it into a Data centre, you can take out a VPS/Cloud solution or you can go for Microsoft Azure services. All have their Pros & Cons.

I use 2 types: I have my own physical server, which is vitualised to have a Linux firewall and use for website concepts and then a MS Server for Exchange and File storage. Then I use a cloud MS Server for application development, which I share with Overseas and then demo to clients.