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Hi Sue,

Your traffic doesn’t sound too bad. Just to confirm, is this Unique Visitors per month? If so you probably have something to work with.

Searching for ‘petite clothes’ and ‘petite clothing’ you appear towards the top of Google which is good for your key phrasing.

Next step is to try and optimize your individual product pages, though you may have already done this. People landing on a specific product page are more likely to buy than those landing on the homepage, just because they know what they are looking for.

You could get a blog in as well just to increase the search coverage. You can write about new styles, small celebrity fashion etc. Anything your target audience might look for online.

Otherwise it seems your conversion rate might be at fault. The website is pretty challenging to get around. I think you need to get some products on the homepage just to let people know straight away that this is a website you can buy things from.

If you are getting 500 – 800 visitors from natural Google searches you should definitely be seeing more sales. You probably need to build a bit more trust and branding for your website, people don’t like to buy from someone they don’t know or trust.

I don’t think you need to drastically change the website as that will cost, but certainly make the homepage a bit clearer, and maybe get a few trust symbols in there (Mastercard, Security symbols, Paypal).

Just to check, do you have a secure checkout? If you go to https://www.clothingpetites.com.au/ it suggests you don’t have a secured domain but it might be that your checkout goes to an external service? If so that’s fine. If not and you don’t have any security that could be a huge reason why you are not getting any sales.

For a few further pointers check out my post in another thread here: http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/forums/community-reviews/23402-review-our-ecommerce-website.html#post147277 – be sure to check out the website in the first post as it is a good example of an effective online store. If you can emulate that you should definitely see your sales increase.