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Steve – Adoria Photo
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Sue, the site looks good.
I suspect what may be a big barrier to sales conversion is that your target market are ladies who typically have difficulty finding clothes that suit their body size.

It is hard enough for them to find what suits them in a B&M store where they can try them on. It is even more challenging to encourage them to take a chance online when typically only one out of ten outfits may be suitable when they try them on. There is not much incentive to buy online unless the postage and returns are inexpensive.

Regarding the clothing images on the site, there does appear to be a large variation in the lighting quality and background. A lot of pics are dark and some have harsh contrasty light (like strong midday sun). Also keep an eye on shadows that may accentuate unflattering body shape.

If you must shoot outdoors, do it consistently in the early morning or late afternoon when the light is best. You may also need a flash (off camera if possible) or reflector to pop some additional light on the clothing.

You may be best to start out by shooting the catalog pictures indoors with a few off camera speedlights (one for main, one for fill and one for the backdrop). Use a plain white sheet for a backdrop (google the strobist 101 blog for some tips regarding high key lighting using speedlights).

Flash gear doesnt need to be expensive, i.e. You can buy a few Youngnuo YN-560ii flashes (about $70 each on ebay), a white sheet for a backdrop and some cheap manual radio triggers for your camera and a few light modifiers (umbrellas, stofen’s, perhaps a beauty dish).

Hope this helps.
Regards, Steve