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HI Tweeddrafting,

What you have on your side right now is probably time – Use this valuable asset while you have it… if things go well, it will soon disappear!

As a first point, I would begin with some self teaching about marketing in general. There is an abundance of books on the topic, but maybe start with anything by Dan Kennedy. His No BS Direct Marketing book is a great starting point, and will give you a number of other books to read too.

Secondly, I would start practising some cold calling. Eeekk, scary I know, but trust me, it is a lot easier to start with this option and build your confidence. You will also end up with an awesome list of objections that you can work on overcoming.

Continue working on your online presence, but focus it where your customers hang out. If this is in the local area, you are probably better off getting out there face to face, but if it is across Australia – find the online discussion groups, and get involved in the conversation.

I hope this provides some food for thought