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Quinn Askeland
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Grey Matter, post: 152961 wrote:
Hi All,

My problem…

Well firstly the positives. I believe I have a good idea. I have the time, money and motivation and supportive partner to start a business from scratch. I also have finance and marketing experience. The problem is that my idea is for a business that exists as an app and website and I am no better than avid user in these mediums.

I have just had my first meeting with a developer and to say the least it doesn’t come cheap. Granted it’s not the most simple concept but neither is it revolutionary. I have been trying to find a developer with some or all of the skill sets who may come on board for equity but as yet haven’t found that person mostly due to my lack of knowing many people in this industry. So my first question is should I stick it out till I find this person? If so where do I find them? Or spend the money with a reputable developer who can hold my hand as I learn? The other alternative is freelancer.com. Has anyone used this before (especially coming from a similar knowledge base as mine)? How did you find the experience and the quality of the work?

Any other tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Grey Matter

Your Positives are FAR more important the challenges!

I have built many websites and my most successful online business was SAS (Software as a service)

Here is what I would do for a high end product:

1) Find your target market and ask them lots of questions about what they would want.
2) Make damn sure your target will A) want is and B) want to pay for it
3) How to ensure 2) Present a design mockup to the same people who participated in 2) and ask them to invest in their future by purchasing the product in advance. If they have gone through the process of helping you create a solution – They will want it badly and will pay for it!
4) Make it with the money you got from them
5) Deliver a basic as possible version and then begin refining

Do not give equity to a developer this is an outsourcing job. You are the entrepreneur taking the time to do this.

I highly recommend all outsourcing options – I use guys in Cairns ($100/hr) and a guy in the Philippines ($11/hr) who is also awesome. In some respects it depends on your level of confidence to get the job done, but as an example a friend of mine just had an WordPress plugin made for a few hundred dollars I believe.

Hope that helps. I have wasted $10k one just one project by creating stuff that I thought people wanted but the market could not care less about.

However, I have also got it right when I went to my customers and got buy-in.