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Zava Design, post: 155576 wrote:
(isn’t this a repeat of another thread?)

The two most important aspects when choosing a host:
1) Reliability
2) Support, support, support.

(As I wrote in the other thread) I have dealt with dozens of web hosts of every shape and form over the past decade or so, and every single time I have needed to contact them for support, for reasons big and small, and that is common for most people in the industry. Good support is essential for a web host, and those with a bad reputation in this area should be avoided like the plague.

That is exactly right! When you’re choosing a web host, you’ll ideally want to find one that offers a business grade SLA that outlines the reliability (monthly uptime guarantee), customer support, scheduled outages and etc. The cheapest web host out there isn’t always the best and there are many hidden drawbacks.