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I’ll just throw in my 2 cents too…

Support should be your no. 1 concern when it comes to choosing a web host. Digital Pacific and VentraIP are both great web hosts in my opinion, as their support is fast and their prices are fairly cheap.

Regrettably, I did what a lot of start-ups do to begin with and gave CrazyDomains a shot, simply because they were cheap. And let me tell you, I immediately regretted that decision. Their support is horrid – I sent them an email asking a very basic question, and it took them 3 days to get back to me with an absolutely useless response. 3 DAYS!! Imagine if it was something major and the website wasn’t working….no website for 3 days? Wow…just wow… When I was with Digital Pacific, they usually got back to me within an hour or 2.

CrazyDomains is also, in my experience, extremely slow. On my wordpress site, sometimes it takes a good 30 seconds for the page to load, if at all. Sometimes when I’m making an adjustment in the backend and saving it, it takes several minutes to do it because it’s slow loading and I end up having to reload the page multiple times.

Basically, don’t choose the cheap host to save a few dollars. You’re better off saving yourself hours of frustration and going with a company that is reliable.