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builder dbu, post: 155707 wrote:
HI Nathan

I m assuming you’re attempting to contract build as opposed to speculative build? If so, 30k will not do it.

Im working on gaining more capital. Will certainly give me peace of mind.

builder dbu, post: 155707 wrote:
You probably know that you cant enter into a contract unless you have a DBU or someone with one that executes that contract. Warranty insurance will be another obstacle too.

I have a DB-M and access to a DB-U through family. And with insurance i spoke to the HIA and im confident they can help me organize that.

Few other things have come to mind.

1. With extensions what should my starting Markup percentage be?

2. If a client rings to have an extension done without a planning permit should i offer a service to organize it for them for a fee? Im not sure on this one, seeing as i have limited cash, i don’t want it tied up on a lengthy planning approval.