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I don’t usually get involved in “which CMS is best” discussions. However with Wix I’ll make an exception.

You raised the issue of SEO. Please take my comments as only addressing that point.

As far as I can see from their website, Wix is a very poor CMS for people wanting effective SEO solutions.

Once a site owner has identified the search words they want to target, the next step is:

  • to set up a SE-friendly site design and
  • a SE-friendly structure.

I can’t see either of these crucial issues addressed by Wix in my short meander around their site.

I’ve been to their site design examples and to their SEO section. Sorry, nothing useful to report to you….

To be fair, few CMS software sites address these design and structural issues, however Wix seems to be very out of date with the SEs in terms of the SEO designs and structures it offers to users.

From what I’ve seen, Wix websites owners have an asset that falls into one of these categories:

  • One that no one sees
  • People who find it use sponsored ads links
  • They know your site address from your print media ads
  • Perhaps find you from some email marketing campaign
  • A small number of other referring sites

Is this what you expect from a website?

PS: I played the Wix SEO video. IMHO, it is incomplete and incorrect but it is short and appealing to the type of people who want magic answers and quick fixes.