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jimyiapanis, post: 157046 wrote:
2. Optimise: In addition to the recommendations from the Google tool, consider using a web performance and security tool (CDN) Cloudflare. It has many benefits (in fact I recommend all businesses use this, if only to manage their DNS). Best of all, it’s free. https://www.cloudflare.com/


Cheers for the link … cloudfare looks like a very interesting gadget, I’ll have to do some homework.

I’m using Redhats Openshift for all my current stuff (I’ll do just about anything to avoid dealing with a server), but this might be a better option for DNS than what I’m currently doing … not too sure about anything else, but the analytics might be ok too, I’ve gone off Google a tad.

I’m also in the process of handballing some existing client sites on Squarespace, back to the owners, this might help out there with DNS maybe? I Can’t see any immediate advantage in CDN, given the way Squarespace currently delivers content from these sites.