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Quinn Askeland
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Jenn75, post: 155590 wrote:
Is there anything I am missing? Or is it really that simple?

Hey Jenn,

Yes and No as you can see from the other responses….

TheGoldenGoose, post: 156494 wrote:
It’s that simple!

Although, the hardest part is finding good, reliable, quality people to outsource to..

Old school traditional hiring and virtual outsourcing are the same in the sense that at the end of day you need “good, reliable, quality people”. Most people when recruiting virtually forget that they are dealing with people. Things like simply picking up the phone during the selection process will make a world of difference.

Just the same as if you were hiring (and loosing) developers in an office environment over time developing systems so that you can easily hand-over projects to newcomers is important.

Hope this helps!

Outsourcing was the number one reason I was able to grow my business and have some free time in my day at the same time. Like anything in business there are challenges and things you will need to learn (as well as some tips and tricks) but the opportunity to outsource has never been better.