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NEIS Team, post: 157044 wrote:
Hi Again.

It most definitely is correct. The excerpt above was straight from the relevant program guidelines. I wrote the original words myself some years ago.
Guidelines are extensions of the deed (contract) between the Government and the provider, so are contractually binding.
Therefore you shouldn’t need to engage a lawyer.
We’ve sent a message to our NSW Contract Manager asking them to contact their providers to make sure the Guidelines are being correctly implemented.
Thanks for bringing it to our attention and sorry for the troubles caused.

Cheers, the NEIS team.

Hi Neis,

Sorry for causing a stir. I only meant to speak with my lawyer for advisory purposes on that particular term as I am unfamiliar with it. I am in no way suggesting that I’m contacting for any other reason other than a friendly chat because he understands corporate law better than I do.

The NEIS program is quite a positive incentive and I really would love to become a part of it. I’m really hoping that a mutually beneficial scenario does become available because I’m quite confident that I can create a profitable business with the help of NEIS through mentoring and support.