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Peter Jonsson
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It really depends on what type of asset your clients are looking at purchasing.

Banks and other finance companies will have different lending criteria on the type of asset. For example you will more than likely find that the major banks will place little value on computer type equipment as the auctionable value for such assets is low. That does not mean you want get finance for this type of asset, it just means you will probably be paying a higher rate of interest and a much shorter loan term (2-3 years) due to the increased risk. Equipment finance for assets that have a good second market for resale such as vehicles and some machinery will be far easier, cheaper and allow your clients to take out longer loan terms.

Your best bet is to start a relationship with a finance broker or a bank that can provide you and your clients with all the information they need. Each situation and scenario will be different depending on your client and their business situation.

Hope that helps.

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