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There are a lot variables when it comes to finance in a business, especially the start-up phase or are they in full swing? Precisely what ‘keydo’ has said, there are many aspects in what the business can do to gain finance.

There quickest way to know for sure is to have the business start a relationship with a business bank manager, doesn’t cost anything its more of a introduction, and I know that NAB is pushing for vehicle finance in new businesses at the moment.

For instance, if the business is in its preliminary inception stages, vehicle finance can be approved if the business owner is still working and put’s there own income assessment records (income tax returns, 3 years is ideal) to prove they can help pay for the vehicle as they are still working and trying to get the business off the ground, I think a benchmark interest rate from NAB is around 6.3% for vehicles.

For equipment, you would seek the likes of a trade finance broker, and there are plentiful of them out their, its the best and easiest finance (including commissions) for them to approve, because the finance is within a capital gaining asset, which means if something were to go wrong (as ‘keydo’ stated) it can be sold easily on the secondary market.