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HandmadeByLorraine, post: 156015 wrote:
Hi all,
I had been self-employed for over 20 years, and finally went back to work for the man. After 4 years I have left my soul destroying job to go back to what I love. I create anodised jewellery, from a sheet of aluminium to a piece of wearable art. Unfortunately over that 4 year period I have lost most of my contacts, and find myself starting all over again.
I’m great at making jewellery but terrible at marketing. I have a new website which I’m really pleased with complete with shopping cart, I just need the shopping cart to be used! The jewellery I make is very unique and colourful, and I know I would have a market if only I knew how to tap into it successfully.
handmadebylorraine has a business Facebook page which I work on with daily posts and I do a weekly blog on my website.
I am really looking forward to spending some time looking at the various posts here, I’m sure I will find a lot of helpful information.
Thanks for reading!
Lorraine Allan
Handmade By Lorraine

Hi Lorraine,

Good on you for returning to what you love!

Good luck with it all,

Jocelyn Serone