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Warren Cottis, post: 156242 wrote:
Hello Peter & Kim

It would useful to know how long your visitors are staying on your site and how many pages they are looking at and where they are bailing out.

I find your Home page a bit ‘harsh’ with not much people connection… just things and shapes.

Before you can find a garment… you have to get your eyes off that whopper New Arrivals panel … then search through the lounge, mirror and potted plant to find the mannequin hiding near the palm… then the display changes… damn.

Don’t think just about making a sale… think about starting a relationship with your visitor

Less might be more…

Bright red text and you use a shop dummy. Such a shame as I would have forwarded your site to my partner, but honestly, she’d be offended if i did that.

Find someone who really know how to build an ecommerce site and bring in some online marketing muscle.

I’m not going to go any further because there’s just too much wrong with it, and that’s just the front end. Sorry to be harsh, but I’d re-think that.

Edit: I’ve had another look, and I’ve read through the other comments about the site. I’m not going to say anything about the marketing side of things because that isn’t my area of expertise (I have enough marketing problems of my own!). As I say though, I’ve had another look at it, and speaking as the ex-director of a media company back in the UK, and you’re not going to like this I suspect, but I’d definitely find a designer who understands the market. This will probably sound a tad sexist, but I’d try and find an experienced female web designer. Why do I say that? Because you need someone who can build you a decent site – that looks like and probably is a template – and who understands you target market.

Apologies to all the blokes out there, but generally speaking how many blokes can put their hands up and say they understand a woman’s needs? I’ve been trying for nearly 50 years and I still haven’t got a clue.