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Fluro Fitness
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Thank you so much guys for all your very helpful advice.

Great to see this forum is so active and useful. I definitely should be checking this more often.

Is there a fitness section somewhere by any chance? I have looked but couldn’t find anything too specific.

Both my business partner and I are doing our First Aid Course this weekend and as soon as that is done I will organise the insurance with Marsh, as they seem to be the popular choice for personal trainers and group trainers.

I have spoken to the local council so far no regulations placed providing im not preventing other public from using the park facilities as they are intended to be used.

We are in Sydney Inner West. I know probably plenty of competition, but isn’t it with everything?!! I suppose just got to try our best. My goal is to do what i love and what I’m good at for a living and to get out of the office facing 4 walls and no windows. 😮

Thanks again everyone for all your help.

I’m sure i will have plenty more questions in the future so it’s good to know there are helpful people out there.

Cheers Fluro.