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Okay first to the background:

-The background image moves when scrolling down hence for larger pages the image ends and the background turns white (eg Testimonials page). This is not so pleasing on the eye. I have seen websites where the background image is stationary when scrolling down…maybe I chose the wrong template or I should remove the image?

If you have access to the code, wherever it says your background image in the CSS you need to add:

This will hold your background in place instead of it scrolling.

Secondly: I agree that the pebbles are too overwhelming. They should be darker, or a little more translucent or smaller.


Now for the rest of the site. Information is easily available, you have the phone number clearly top right, the navigation is easy. The only thing I would add is why I should come to you. As it was mentioned above a specific call of action. I know there’s “Call Amy” But who is Amy? Why should I call? What benefit is there for me?

You have the benefits of myotherapy but there’s still something missing for me. Perhaps add “Amy, our professional consultant” or “Our therapist” or something. Not sure what it needs, but not much. Got all the other info there for now.

Good work!